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Learn and grow your skills while making beautiful art and lovely gifts! Products

Four proficiencies, built right into our designs.

Four-Patch to Success

Your security is important to us!

Four-Patch to Success Products Gallery Mail:

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Must-have Tools
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Fairly Priced


Sourced and Priced
by Quilters for Quilters

Elegant Sashiko complements contemporary or classic décor.

Bring some Sashiko into your world!
Appliqué Anytime

Lively projects you can do on your lap, in the car, anywhere and anytime! These may be more complex than the average project, but they’re all very light and relaxing, in rich floral tones with knots and stitches to enhance the finish.

Custom Limited

Small, hand-tailored projects with a limited number of steps give you a real opportunity to hone your skills. There’s really no better way to improve your consistency, and the quality of your stitching, than with repetition!

Seasonal Favorites

Twelve months of the year, as told by evocative, dense projects. From an afternoon on a sunny beach to a festive scene featuring frolicking cardinals and a jolly snowman, this collection is challenging and rewarding.

Violet Wood Sorrel


Polka Dot Daisy

Colorado’s state flower makes a vibrant showing in this pattern. Columbine comes in your choice of dark or light.

You might mistake these little beauties for shamrocks, until the violet and pink blossoms erupt in a sassy way.

At home in any style of décor, this pattern will always raise the question: “Where did you get that groovy pillow?”

Sego Lily

Our tribute to Utah’s state flower is a study in contrast: snowy white, scarlet and bright yellow among a field of dark green.

Pumpkin Patch

Wooly Walter

Quiltin’ Lady Beetle

As a runner or a pincushion, our little sheep mascot – sheepscot – Wooly Walter, makes for an eye-catching desk pal!

Dimensionality and style come together in the simplest of ap-
plications, a pumpkin in a patch. Runner or pincushion.

Just don’t call her a bug – this detailed homage to a lovely
insect is excellent as a summer-time candle mat!

Oh, Bee-Hive!

A mischievous bee bumbles his way home to a detailed, colorful hive. As a runner with bee and hive, pincushion is just the bee.

Harvest Time

All Hallows’ Eve

Holiday Celebration

Spooky, but not too scary! This Halloween tribute table runner makes an excellent wall hanging as well.

You can hear the rustle of the leaves, the drying crinkle of a stook of maize, and smell the aftershave on the scarecrow!

An adorable teddy bear perches happily on the dealing-end of somebody’s full-to-bursting Christmas stocking!


Does the snowman look jolly, or downright ecstatic to be part of so much Wintertime fun? You decide!

Learn and grow, make beautiful art and lovely gifts

What could be better for the quilting student, or even the seasoned expert?

Laura takes her years of experience as a teacher and condenses that skill set into planning and building useful, practical gifts and art. These pieces are not only beautiful, they add to the décor of a home, to the splendor of a Thanksgiving table, the practicality of your workspace, and can even form a spooky backdrop for Halloween!

View More View More View More The Four-Patch to Success

e take the basic components of appliqué and quilting, and then break them down into small sections. Laura adds her own unique touch-
es to create a beautiful, fun design that’s also practical!

The Four-Patch to Success now shipping!

W Our Design Collections COMING SOON: THE NIFTY GIFTY COLLECTION! To see our entire collection, click “View More” now! To see our entire collection, click “View More” now! To see our entire collection, click “View More” now! Learn More