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Our sworn duty is to protect and preserve they who cannot protect themselves. ~ Pedge Family Creed

  oday, by Western calendars, we find ourselves in the grand beginning of the Third Millennium, yet sadly we have inherited an inharmonious and regularly painful way of treating our companions and wards on this planet.

Laura’s Home was founded on a ranch in western Colorado, where, coupled with the space to accommodate, and the sheer density of animal populations, humaneness became a basic principle. Many of our designs that depict animals or plants are among those regular inhabitants of the ranch. Some of the inhabitants arrived injured, some starved, others in horrible shock from the cruelty of man. And now they are a part of the family, at home in Laura’s Home.

That said, we are absolutely committed to providing the very finest in quality products. Some of these products must be gleaned from animals. Therefore we take seriously the treatment of these animals, from the silk worm to the wooly sheep. The vendors of our raw materials are selected for their quality, their humaneness and their commitment to the environment. This often translates to higher product prices, but as a basis in the computation of quality, humaneness is something that cannot be neglected.

We hope you’ll enjoy our products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you, We hope our commitment to our home planet helps ensure your continued satisfaction with our products, and maybe, just maybe, keeps you thinking about where YOUR raw materials come from!

Peace and God Bless

T Laura Pedge Aloysius, our guard rooster and his back yard! REV 10.13.2013