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Elegant Sashiko complements contemporary or classic décor.

Bring some Sashiko into your world!
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Laura’s Lectures

The Art of Japanese Sashiko: Sashiko or "little stab" is an ancient form of Japanese stitching originally used to mend clothing for workers in the fields.  This simple hand technique using a basic Running stitch has turned into a wonderful art form in recent years.  Laura will share many quilt samples with traditional and modern Sashiko designs and discuss the history, techniques and threads used to create this fiber art.

Laura's Quilting Journey: This lecture takes you on Laura's personal quilting journey through time, color and techniques.  From Laura's career as an Accountant to Quilt Designer and Instructor, you'll travel with her through a decade of transformation.  Laura shares over 30 samples of her quilting journey from Antique Quilt Restoration Artist, to beginner modern quilter, through various advanced techniques and into a Wool Appliqué designer and Instructor.  For anyone who may struggle with their abilities, this lecture will inspire you to new heights of achievement.  All things can be possible with needle and thread.

Wide World of Wool : Direct from "Wooly Walter" to your project, learn all about the Wide World of Wool and how it has transformed this genre of quilt making. Wool Appliqué is taking the quilt world by storm with an exciting new bright color palette. Laura will discuss wool basics, mixing different textiles with your wool, threads, embellishing your projects and so much more! This lecture includes a trunk show with more than 50 wool samples of all sizes, including Laura's original designs.

America's Quilting Heritage – Colonial times to the Present: Laura's journey in the quilt world began many years ago with antique quilt restoration. Laura will take everyone on a fascinating journey of interesting historical facts, brightly illustrated with a trunk show of more than 25 antique quilts from her private collection. We will begin our journey with Laura's oldest quilt; a French Toile from 1790.

Wool Workshops

Color Theory for Wool Appliqué: Half-day workshop, 3 hours. Color is always the biggest challenge for most quilters! Laura takes a "hands on" approach to this mysterious topic for Wool Appliqué. Most stitchers will match their thread colors as closely as possible to their wools. Laura will provide some guidance to help students break free from their traditional color "boxes" and learn to add dimensionality, personality, and a whole new level of artistic creativity to their wool appliqué. During this workshop, students will work with different colored threads and wools to "practice" different color theories while actually stitching.

Wool Appliqué – The basics and beyond:  Full-Day Workshop, 6 hours. Laura provides a very comprehensive workshop beginning with tips for successful blanket stitching as well as insightful lessons on many decorative stitches. Laura's "Appliqué Anytime" collection is specifically designed to accompany this workshop and provides beginners with a solid foundation to build upon. "Appliqué Anytime" kit or pattern purchase is required for class. Laura's kits include all the wools to complete the project, very detailed instructions with many photos and Valdani 100% cotton hand-dyed colorfast threads. Wool appliqué does not require any previous quilting experience and is a fun, portable, and easy media to work with!

Advanced Wool Appliqué – All About Embellishments:  Half-Day Workshop, 3 hours.Turn your basic wool appliqué project into a work of art with advanced embellishment ideas. Laura shares many insightful tips to take your projects to the next level through the use of embroidery stitches, buttons, bead work, needle felting and different types of fibers. All of these methods can enhance and dramatically change the overall effect of your project.  Laura will demo many different techniques while students work on a small project to advance their skills. Kit purchase required for class.

The Art of Fine Handwork and Quiltmaking

Workshops on Hand Techniques

Sashiko Basics:  Half-Day Workshop, 3 hours. In this workshop, Laura utilizes pre-printed Japanese panels to assist students in learning the Sashiko style and how to achieve evenness and consistency in your stitching. Students will begin with a basic pre-printed 12" pattern and transition to learning how to transfer their own designs to cloth and how to stitch free form. Sashiko kit purchase required for class.

Sashiko & Hand Appliqué: Full-Day Workshop, 6  hours. This class incorporates all the basics students learn in the ½ day session and adds the additional components of the "Back Basting" method of hand appliqué. Laura will provide students with a pattern to learn this easy technique. No pinning, no layout guides, no fuss to this wonderful method of hand appliqué.

Redwork/Hand Embroidery:  Half-Day Workshop, 3 hours. Basic “Redwork,” or Hand Stitchery, is a fun and easy technique utilizing the "Back Stitch."  Students may work on any number of different Hand Stitchery patterns in this workshop and will learn the basics of transferring designs to cloth, tips for successful stitching and many different finishing ideas.  Laura will teach several advanced hand embroidery stitches as well.

Hand Piecing for Quilters:  Half-Day Workshop, 3 hours. Hand piecing your quilts can be a very relaxing and enjoyable process. One of the advantages of hand piecing is the portable nature of this type of project.  Laura will guide you through several different hand piecing techniques from easy straight piecing to more intricate in-set Y-Seams. Laura provides her own basic pattern for students to get you started.

Specialty Workshops

Learning with Laura Pedge

The art and artistry, the technique, the colors of nature. All available when you book a lecture or workshop with Laura. Your guild or club will learn, grow and enjoy themselves with Laura’s seasoned and fun approach! Find out more about the art of fine handwork and quiltmaking.

Also available for download: Teaching Options from Laura's Home - 1013.pdf

Although this page includes an enumeration of styles and class types, if you don’t see something you’d like please inquire HERE.

The Traditional Art of Hand Quilting Half-Day Workshop, 3 hours. Hand Quilting is by no means a lost art and has been growing in popularity in recent years. Laura teaches students the traditional hand quilting method while sprinkling in a healthy dose of quilt history along the way. To add her unique spin on the learning experience, Laura also contributes many antique quilts from her own private collection to illustrate traditional hand quilting styles and patterns. An eclectic collection sure to catch your eye!

Quilt Restoration: DIY Tips & Techniques Half-Day Workshop, 3 hours. Laura shares the "dos and don'ts" of traditional quilt restoration techniques. This includes a demonstration on the hand appliqué method used to repair quilts, where and what types of fabrics to purchase for your quilt restoration project and the importance of labeling your quilts. Laura will also provide important information on dating and resource options for students to learn more about their antique quilts. Students may bring one quilt project to class to gain a full understanding of what restoration is specifically needed on their quilt.